A FUTURE where AI and HUMANS work hand in hand
Saleswhale, we believe that the future of work is Collaborative Intelligence - where machines and AI help humans fulfil their highest potential by automating drudgery and producing for more effective results.
AI assistants help to automate repetitive and mundane tasks so that us humans focus on creative, high-impact work that creates value and inspires. The result? Happier and more productive teams doing meaningful work.
Our mission is to put an AI assistant in every company that could greatly benefit from it, and we're starting off strong addressing this need in marketing and sales teams all across the world.
The future is where AI and humans work hand in hand, and we’re here to help businesses benefit from that.
Our Culture
At Saleswhale, we encourage everyone to grow and innovate, while having fun in the process.
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Building for the future

We always challenge the status quo and work hard innovating on a product that not only works, but changes the game for our users.

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Promoting trust & transparency

We remain completely open, honest and transparent with everyone. This has allowed us to build strong relationships with each other.

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Achieving our very best

We believe the success of the company lies within our employees and we constantly challenge each other to learn and level up.

Our Progress
Our Offices
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155B telok ayer street

Singapore, 068611

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United States of America

1701 Rhode Island Ave NW

Washington, DC 20036

Our Investors
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